Red Beans and Rice
No matter how you make it, Red Beans and Rice will always be a Southern tradition. That same tradition is alive and well, not only in the Polk's family, but also in the products they produce. Here is our spin on this Southern classic.
COOK TIME: 4 hours
Holiday Baked Ham
Our baked ham is the perfect choice for your family holiday dinner. We guarantee that the mouth-watering aroma of this baked ham will have them at the table before you can say “Come and get it!”
COOK TIME: 25 - 30 Minutes Per Pound
Sausage Spaghetti
Spaghetti has been a family dinner classic for decades. Why not wake it up with the taste of Polk's Sausage? Polk's Sausage Spaghetti will make your family say, "Bravo!"
Poppy Seed Ham Sliders
Combine fresh poppy seeds and dinner rolls with our delicious Polk's ham, and you've got a winner - the Polk's Poppy Seed Ham Slider. Be the hero at your next party and deliver this tasty snack. We guarantee no leftovers!
COOK TIME: 30 Minutes
Sweet & Sour Sausage
Far East meets South! Enjoy the taste of the Orient with Polk's fantastic smoked sausage flavor. Served over rice, it's a flavorful meal.
COOK TIME: 45 Minutes
Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Beef Franks
Hot dogs are already an American classic. Combine a hot dog with bacon and you have a powerhouse dish with bold flavors to enjoy at the dinner table or by the grill.
COOK TIME: 20 Minutes
Ham Mac & Cheese
Make this mealtime favorite even more enjoyable with the full flavor of Polk's ham! Satisfying and protein-rich, it'll leave your family wanting more!
COOK TIME: 30 Minutes
Ubons Bloody Mary Jambalaya
Ubons Barbeque in Yazoo City, Mississippi is nationally recognized for their unbelievable barbecue and flavorful dishes. As a partner of Polk's Meat Products, we'd like to share some of their tasty recipes with you, including their version of a creole favorite.
COOK TIME: 50 Minutes